Making Electricity Work for You


Cableform -- a division of Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc., located near Richmond, Virginia, designs and manufactures large DC motor controls for mining, steel, and transportation industry customers worldwide. Patented technology and continued innovation maintain Cableform on the leading edge of DC motor control technology and as a leader in the DC motor control field. Applications include:

  • Mining locomotives, scoops, LHD's, coal haulers, and pumps.
  • Steel industry cranes, hoists and transfer cars.
  • Shunt and series wound DC motor soft starts
  • Transit vehicle controls, Inverters, and solid-state contactors
  • Dockside cranes and winches.

A full range of supporting products are also provided by Cableform, including: Solid State and Electromechanical Contactors; Accelerator Units; Push Button Pendants; and, a range of High Voltage Resistors.