History of Cableform Inc.

Cableform is the world’s leader in the design and supply of Digital DC Motor Controls for severe duty Cranes, Hoists, Traction, and Magnet Control applications in steel, mining, tunneling and traction applications. Cableform has strong global representation and Cableform motor control products are utilized in countries and continents from A to Z including: Australia, China, Europe, Ghana, North America, Serbia, South America, South Africa, Philippines, Russia, Zambia and others.

Cableform’s North American Operations were established in 1974 in Troy, Virginia to distribute lift-truck controls. The business has grown and developed to include the engineering, design, test and production of technologically advanced DC electric-motor controls from 24 volts DC to 1200 volts DC and 1300 amps for battery, line and catenery power supplies. Expertise in large DC motor-controls for severe duty applications has garnered world wide recognition and demand for Cableform products as Cableform’s customer solutions virtually eliminate maintenance, decrease energy consumption, and increase throughput by 20% to 40%.

Cableform continues to develop products in partnership with our customers and vendors to increase the performance, reliability, safety and efficiency of their equipment and processes. Examples of Cableform’s innovations and product development efforts include:

  • Solid-State DC Contactors for passenger trains in Europe
  • Solid-State Magnet Controls for steel mill lifting magnets
  • High Temperature Digital DC Hoist controls for the hot metal cranes
  • Custom Split-Field Motor Controls
  • Solid-State Mill Duty Controls for steel mill roller drawer, draw table, and pusher applications
  • Digital DC traction controls for steel mill locomotives
  • Dual motor solid state shuttle car controls for Australia
  • High current solid state traction motor controls
  • Solid-State DC series, shunt and compound motor soft-starts

Cableform prides itself on our rapid product development capabilities and has been able to deliver new products in as little as six weeks from conception.