Solid-State AC/DC Shuttle Car Control
Fourth Generation Dual-Motor
Microprocessor - IGBT Drive

Optimize DC Shuttle Car Performance

  • Solid-state reversing-no contactors
  • True series-wound motor configuration LCD Operator Display
  • Fewer control components
  • Protected motors

    Improve Production

  • Run cooler-run longer
  • Cooler running motor control
  • Automatic motor protection Data Terminal
  • Improved motor life


    Solid-state reversing of the series-wound motor allows the inductive field winding, which is in series with the armature, to protect the armature against DI/DT current surges-it's simple, it's automatic.

    Size & Ratings

  • Nominal Output Voltage: 250 volts DC.
  • Maximum Motor Current: 350 amps each.
  • Weight: 68 pounds.
  • Size: 24.5 inches long by 15.25 inches deep by 9.5 inches high.

    SEDR30 Drive Installed in Shuttle Car XP Enclosure

    Order: Part Number SEDR30

    Designed for AC/DC shuttle car retrofits.

    Accepts existing control inputs.

    DC Microprocessor-IGBT motor controls are engineered & manufactured by Cableform, Inc. designers of the first IGBT DC motor controls for the underground mining industry. A full range for controls is available for scoops, coal haulers, LHDs, rail runners, locomotives and shuttle cars-built for new vehicles and for retrofits into existing vehicles. Controls are available for voltages from 72 volts DC through 750 volts DC.