OptimizerOptimizer™ Billet Master Magnet Control

Billet Master... Hot... Hot... Hot!
Billet Master is HOT-Metal Magnet Management...
Billet Master detects a magnet that is too hot...

Optimize Every Magnet - Save Money

Adjustable current and times for all operating modes to maximize performance, optimize production and prolong magnet life - Reduce and Eliminate Costly Rewinds

Operating Modes
with existing ON / OFF operator control

  • LIFT - 100% voltage applied in less than 50ms
  • DROP - Instant discharge through IGBT Discharge Circuit - No voltage spike
  • CLEAN - 100% Reliable - Instant reversal of magnet current - No voltage spike
  • Message... HOT MAGNET - HOT MAGNET... plus alarm activation

Improve Production - Run Cooler - Save Energy

  • Increased Lift Capacity
  • Reduce power consumption up to 75%
  • Voltage spikes eliminated - Protects the entire electrical system
  • Reduced drop time
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Reduced magnet temperature

Additional Benefits

  • No contactors
  • Solid-state construction - No moving parts
  • Less maintenance
  • Use existing DC power supply
  • Use existing magnet or new
  • Use existing operator controls or new
  • Use existing connections
  • Eliminates need for dual voltage magnet controls


  • Voltage:
    - 230 VDC Nominal - 300 VDC Maximum - 130 VDC Minimum
  • Current: Up to 350 Cold Magnet Amps Maximum
  • Size (Approx.): 36" tall x 26" wide x 18" deep
  • Weight: 190 lbs. Approx.
  • Type: Microprocessor
  • Operator Control Input Voltage: 230VDC, 24VDC available
  • Ambient Temperature Range: +50°C Maximum to -10°C Minimum.
  • Diagnostics & Parameter Adjustment: Data Terminal, Part No. A62499

Hot Billet Handling. Hot Plate Handling. All Hot Metal Handling

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