OptimizerOptimizer™ Magnet Control

Solid-State IGBT Magnet Control

Infinitely variable current control for all lifting magnets. Magnets operate at the lowest possible temperature.

Optimize Every Magnet

Adjustable current and times for all operating modes to maximize performance, optimize production and prolong magnet life.

Save Energy Costs

Magnet energy consumption reduced by up to 75%

Save Maintenance Costs

Solid state construction, no wear components

Save Magnet Repair Costs

Eliminate voltage spikes and electrical magnet wear, reduced magnet rewinds

Improve Production Capacity - Run Cooler M350GENII - 240D Patent Pending

  • Increased throughput up to 50%
  • Reduce cycle time up to 38%
  • Reduced drop time
  • Improved lift capacity by 10-25%, 15-20% average
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Reduced magnet operating temperatures

Additional Benefits

  • Solid-state construction
  • Uses existing DC power supply
  • Uses existing operator controls
  • Uses existing connections
  • Eliminates need for dual voltage magnet controls


  • Voltage: 230 VDC Nominal, 300 VDC Max, 120 VDC min
  • Current: For use on magnets rated up to 350 Cold Amps Maximum
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: +50°C Maximum to -10°C Minimum
  • Operating modes: Lift, Hold, Feather, Dribble, Clean
  • Dimensions: 35.7" (L) x 24" (W) x 15" (D) Approx.
  • Weight: 190lbs approx.
  • Diagnostics & Parameter Adjustment: Data Terminal, Part No. A62499
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