Optimizer™ magnet controls increased throughput by 52%, increased reliability and decreased unplanned downtime.
  - NorthstarBluescope

Optimizer™ Magnet Controls provide recurrent annual savings of $196,000 while increasing throughput, increasing reliability, and decreasing energy costs.
  - GerdauAmeristeel, Petersburg, VA

Optimizer™ Magnet Controls are: Simple to install and set up; reliable; increases throughput; reduces power consumption; eliminates maintenance; and prolongs magnet life.
  - ArcelorMittal

Optimizer™ Magnet controls are: Reliable; increase throughput; decrease energy consumption; and eliminate maintenance.
  - Nucor Steel

I want to thank you for sending (the Cableform Customer Service Technician) to replace the boards in our soft-start units. He handled himself with great professionalism and he showed the attention to detail and high standards of work that Norfolk Southern insists on. He was flexible to our time constraints concerning the operations of the yard and was well prepared to work when we were ready for him. In my opinion, that upgrade couldn't have gone any better...
  - Norfolk Southern